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Constant Toxin Exposure Is A Modern Health Crisis

A toxin, toxicant or toxic substance can be defined as something that negatively impacts your body causing toxicity. So it is basically something you don’t want in or on your body because it causes unwanted side effects. It would be like the opposite of something that helps your body like a vitamin or nutrient. Toxins in the body cause toxicity which can be defined as the relative ability of a substance to cause adverse effects in the human body. Basically the chain of events looks like this: acute or chronic toxin exposure, then toxin ingestion causing toxicity, then the health issue it causes.

The measurement of the amount of toxicity in the body is usually broken down into two categories, acute and chronic. Acute being exposure to a large amount of any toxin that can have an immediate negative impact such as exposure to a toxic chemical spill. The warning signs and dangers of acute toxicity exposure are more easily determined because negative side effects are seen almost instantly.

Chronic Toxin Exposure Causes Health Issues

Chronic toxin exposure is an emerging field of study among many doctors, scientists and nutritionists. This is a modern day issue with not a great deal of history. It stems from industrialization and its effects on human health. Air and water pollution, constant ingestion of synthetic chemicals from many hidden sources and unwanted additives to our food supply such as GMOs and pesticides among many other sources contribute greatly to the ongoing human toxicity issue. Government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry have begun conducting much more research in recent years and are compiling a library of results. The scientific data points to many adverse health conditions caused by chronic toxin exposure that we are all susceptible to on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there seems to be a gap between the understanding of the incessant levels of toxins that humans are constantly exposed to and what this long term exposure causes. Maybe its that we don’t want to face the facts, that we are in a global toxicity crisis. It is a difficult situation to want to address.

Contributing to the difficulty of the situation is the fact that it is nearly impossible to predict the role and possible outcomes of the different mix of small amounts of harmful toxins in our bodies and how it will affect health. One such issue for the medical community is being able to diagnose toxin related health issues before symptoms arise and a disease or condition becomes apparent. This is due to many factors causing fluctuation in possible health conditions such as age, gender, health status, genetics, levels of toxin exposure and where in the body interaction may occur. The concept of toxic synergy explains this inability to predict what chronic toxicity will cause. In each body there is a different set of conditions and differing levels of various toxins chemically reacting with each other that predicting an outcome can be nearly impossible. This is why so many health specialists of all kinds are preaching any sort of preventative measures for toxin expulsion and avoidance in the body.

Preliminary information and scientific data on toxins and chronic exposure warrants much greater concern and awareness. Your toxin level and toxicity ratio in your body could be the single most important indicator of your overall health and susceptibility to disease. Make no mistake toxins in the body equals disease and a negative impact on health.

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