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How The Whole Body Detoxification Process Works

It’s official, whole body detoxification and cleansing have become an integral part of the modern day health regimen and a staple in the lives of the health conscious consumer. A detox cleanse program is done for a number of reasons, including weight and fat-loss but perhaps the most important reason is the ever-growing awareness in today’s modern world of the body’s exposure to and absorption of undesired harmful chemicals and toxins.  Proof is steadily coming in as to the ill-effects of human toxicity from naturopathic doctors and health gurus the world over.  So it is no wonder that whole body detoxification is one of the fastest growing and most important actions to take in order to be healthy in modern times.  Benefits include increased energy levels and vitality due to more efficient nutrient absorption. Improved internal organ functioning by lowering toxic burden on the liver and other organs. As well as a reduction in body fat percentage and weight loss.  It should be understood that there are many ways to cleanse and detox the body internally. A vast array of products and home remedies are available to target specific needs and desired results.

The human body detects and dissolves toxins from a wide variety of sources with the help of enzymes. These detoxification enzymes are the catalysts that serve to transform toxins into recyclable substances that are eliminated in a process known as Phase I and Phase II detoxification. The toxins that the body breaks down with the use of enzymes consist of anything from heavy metals, pollution, pesticides, chemicals in the home, pharmaceuticals, contaminated food sources, bacterial overgrowth, stress hormones, alcohol, tobacco, and countless other carcinogens.  These processes also require specific nutrients to perform the endless work of properly breaking down all of our ingested toxins. These nutrients, especially the antioxidants, enable the body to perform these phases much more efficiently. Without them, the detoxification process can stall, causing free radicals to be formed and possible cell damage to occur. In Phase I the liver distributes enzymes that break down toxins into intermediate forms to be eliminated. Phase II deals with the more dangerous toxins that were too stubborn to be eliminated in Phase I. These toxins must be attached to protein molecules that serve to ‘usher’ them out of the body.

Whole Body Detoxification Programs

Whole body detoxification programs are typically found in liquid or capsule form and last 1-3 weeks.  Usually accompanied by special diets this cleanse is best suited for people looking to adopt a more detoxifying lifestyle, for at least the duration of the cleansing period. Depending on the quality of the program, a whole body detoxification cleanse typically has the greatest detoxifying effects because it can encompass aspects of many cleansing categories.

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