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Natural Detox Cleanse For Toxic Chemicals

Healthcare professionals the world over are recommending natural detox cleanse programs. This is in reaction to our daily modern life which exposes us to a large amount of toxicity from the polluted air we breathe, the contaminated foods we eat and the fluoride and chlorine filled water we shower and bathe in. Our food supply is typically over-processed and the farms where produce is grown can use GMOs and pesticides, unless we buy strictly organic selections. If you look at the ingredients of many processed foods you will find half of the words listed nearly impossible to pronounce or recognize. Antiperspirants contain aluminum and most toothpaste contains many unwanted additives. Colognes and perfumes are nothing more than wonderful smelling chemical mixtures. Look at just about any bottle of perfume or cologne and you will see the warning “highly flammable”. Cleaning solutions, laundry detergents and dish soaps can be chemical-laden concoctions that enter the bloodstream when contact is made with the skin. There is in fact more than 80,000 man-made chemicals currently in existence today with little known as to their long-term effects. Surprisingly, the requirements to assess their human safety are very minimal.  Further, these chemicals, an unknown percentage of which are toxic, once entered into the human body, can remain there indefinitely.  It is another unfortunate fact that toxic chemicals in the body can cause disease. This is mainly due to the fact that foreign chemicals once in the body will react with each other causing many unwanted side-effects.

Natural Detox Cleanse Products

Awareness of the toxic chemical effects on humans continues to grow as scientists and researchers are working diligently to uncover the issues.  What is also alarming, as described by the leaders in the toxicology field, is not just the greater than expected amount of foreign substances and toxic chemicals present in humans but what this potentially caustic mix can create within the body. What can happen is described as ‘toxic synergy’ where the combinations of chemical reactions can be endless.  In fact many doctors are pointing to this phenomena as an answer to the spikes in chronic fatigue syndrome, respiratory disease, fibromyalgia, allergies, anxiety and depression disorders. The total amount of toxicity in the body is called ‘body burden’ and can be measured through blood, urine and saliva tests.  These toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis are constantly being filtered by the systems within our body. However, the human body is not equipped to handle the amount and intensity of toxic chemical exposure in today’s modern world. Unable to handle the toxic burden on its own, our bodies need help.  A natural detox cleanse invigorates the body’s own filtration process by liberating it of unwanted toxins found in the blood stream, liver, colon, intestines, fat cells and other organs. This can create many healthy benefits including increased energy levels, weight-loss and overall improved wellness.

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This advanced cleansing kit is made from proprietary herbal and organic formulas to help improve digestion and eliminate old waste build-up by providing comprehensive supplemental support for your system and organs that cleanse and eliminate toxins.

The Body Cleanse Advanced Kit includes everything you need to cleanse your colon, liver, and more. Also includes probiotics to further support gut health.