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Indoor Air Pollution – Invisible Toxin Exposure

Everyone has heard about the adverse effects on human health caused by pollution in the outdoor environment. Recent studies however, are now estimating that indoor air pollution is worse. Homes and work spaces are a habitat for many harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, yeast and protozoa that increases the risk of health problems. Dust particles, pollen, house-mites, smoke, and pets also pollute the air. Polluted indoor air is what causes people to suffer from respiratory diseases and even contagious diseases like Tuberculosis. It especially brings more complications to people suffering from asthma and allergies. Indoor air pollution is estimated to be considerably worse than outdoor pollution according to the EPA.

Unless we have a problem, we don’t think about what we’re breathing in, and how that air might affect our bodies but air quality is the single biggest environmental hazard in the world with a vast amount of toxic chemicals adding to the poor indoor air quality as well.

It is estimated that we take approximately 20,000 breaths each day. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a break from all of the toxic pollution in our outdoor environment when you are inside? Well here are some solutions that can help.

How To Cleanse Indoor Air Pollution

Air quality toxin sensors have now hit the market and can measure a wide array of harmful indoor pollutants. These devices can be especially helpful to those suffering from asthma, rhinitis and allergies, but also useful for parents of young children who are interested in knowing what is in the air they are breathing.

Once you have assessed your exposure to indoor air pollution with a sensor, you can use an air purification system to clean the air. Some indoor air purification systems also include water toxicity tests and filters, recommendations on potential hazards and ways to avoid further toxin exposure.

The air we breathe is vital to every living human being. We cease to exist without air. Not only do you need air but you need clean air. The risk is immense for the entire household, be it children, adults or the elderly. In the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom you need to have clean and fresh air. A good air purification system sterilizes the small particulate matter in the air rendering them ineffective. Some air purifiers use ultraviolet rays to sanitize and as a result, kill the microorganism cells. These do not emit harmful chemicals or contaminants into the environment and kill 99 percent of allergens and infectious agents. An air purifier can be relocated to all rooms of the house. When you breathe clean air, you keep diseases at bay and you feel healthier.

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