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With All The GMO Dangers GMO Detoxification Is Encouraged

We live in a world where nearly everything has been made ‘better’ with technology. In the case of food, technology has allowed items such as fruit and vegetables to be more uniform-looking and more resilient to insects. This is great for large conglomerate farming and food production operations. More uniformity and insect resilience means bigger yields and that means more profits. These technological advancements are not, however, healthy for humans. The most commonly known technological advancement introduced to the human food supply is genetic modification. A GMO or genetically modified organism can be defined as an organism that has been created artificially in a lab using genetic engineering methods. The process mainly involves transferring ‘desired’ DNA from one organism to another. This is in order to create an organism with more ‘desirable’ traits. Common foods such as corn, tomatoes, beef and many more are notoriously altered genetically to increase profitability.  The only problem, and it is a big one, is that this genetic modification process creates toxins that are not healthy for humans to ingest. The most abundant toxin found in GMO foods are Bt toxins. This is the toxin that is most commonly found in pesticides. The Bt toxin has been proven to cause many health issues. This is just another reason GMO detoxification is becoming more important to overall digestive health. It is this toxin that causes the most damage to the human digestive system.

The Benefits Of GMO Detoxification

Ingesting GMOs can have an adverse effect primarily on the human digestive system. In particular the small intestines, large intestines and the colon can be affected. The most common digestive ailments are leaky gut syndrome, probiotic imbalance and weakened intestinal lining. This causes health issues that include poor nutrient absorption, bloating, gas, indigestion, upset stomach, constipation and more. A GMO detoxification can be done in order to combat many of these unwanted health issues. A GMO cleanse is recommended by many Naturopathic Physicians in order to detoxify the digestive system from GMO damage. A GMO detoxification can have the following benefits:

  • Improve pH balance in the digestive system.
  • Improve healthy probiotic balance.
  • Stimulate healthy tissue growth in the intestinal tract.
  • Strengthen and protect intestinal lining.
  • Repopulate the gut with good flora.
  • Eliminate toxins in the liver and colon.

Although newer to the market and not found in mass quantities of brands, the GMO detox could arguably be one of the most important cleanses one can do in our modern times because of the amount of GMOs that are used in our everyday food supply. For best results a GMO cleanse is done in 3-4 stages starting with bowel and liver detoxification and then finishing by repopulating the intestinal tract with probiotics.

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